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  1. Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 152, May 23, 1917 by Various
  2. Suomalaisen kirjallisuuden historia by Eino Leino
  3. Maaemon lapsia by Arvid Järnefelt
  4. Mr. Pat's Little Girl by Mary F. Leonard
  5. Acetaria: A Discourse of Sallets by John Evelyn
  6. The Great Round World and What Is Going On In It, Vol. 1, No. 26, May 6, 1897 by Various
  7. The Red House Mystery by A. A. Milne
  8. The War Chief of the Ottawas by Thomas Guthrie Marquis
  9. The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg by Mark Twain
  10. Satirical Prose by Khristo Botev
  11. The Adventures of Prickly Porky by Thornton W. Burgess
  12. Representative Plays by American Dramatists: 1856-1911: Love in '76 by Oliver Bell Bunce
  13. With Methuen's Column on an Ambulance Train by Ernest N. Bennett
  14. Melmoth Reconciled by Honoré de Balzac
  15. The Message by Honoré de Balzac
  16. Fridthjof's Saga; a Norse romance by Esaias Tegner
  17. Fritiofs Saga by Esaias Tegner
  18. Robur the Conqueror by Jules Verne
  19. Doctor Marigold by Charles Dickens
  20. The Holly-Tree by Charles Dickens
  21. A Message from the Sea by Charles Dickens
  22. Mrs. Lirriper's Legacy by Charles Dickens
  23. Perils of Certain English Prisoners by Charles Dickens
  24. Somebody's Luggage by Charles Dickens
  25. Tom Tiddler's Ground by Charles Dickens
  26. Songs from Books by Rudyard Kipling
  27. Florante by Francisco Baltazar
  28. The Great Round World and What Is Going On In It, Vol. 1, No. 27, May 13, 1897 by Various
  29. The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction, No. 579 by Various
  30. A Daughter of the Dons by William MacLeod Raine
  31. The Last of the Peterkins by Lucretia P. Hale
  32. The Tale of Cuffy Bear by Arthur Scott Bailey
  33. The Basis of Morality by Annie Wood Besant
  34. Going into Society by Charles Dickens
  35. Mrs. Lirriper's Lodgings by Charles Dickens
  36. Mugby Junction by Charles Dickens
  37. No Thoroughfare by Wilkie Collins and Charles Dickens
  38. Wreck of the Golden Mary by Charles Dickens
  39. Novelas Cortas by Pedro Antonio de Alarcón
  40. The Present Picture of New South Wales (1811) by David Dickinson Mann
  41. Violin Mastery by Frederick H. Martens
  42. Hetty Gray by Rosa Mulholland
  43. What Two Children Did by Charlotte E. Chittenden
  44. D'Alembert by Joseph Bertrand
  45. Love Letters of a Rookie to Julie by Barney Stone
  46. The Life of Robert Louis Stevenson for Boys and Girls by Jacqueline M. Overton
  47. Chambers's Edinburgh Journal, No. 424, New Series, February 14, 1852 by Various
  48. The Golden Treasury of American Songs and Lyrics by Various
  49. Novena n~ga Pagdaydayao Quen Aputayo a Jesus Nazareno by Anonymous
  50. The Paradise Mystery by J. S. Fletcher
  51. Christmas Outside of Eden by Coningsby Dawson
  52. La chasse à l'oppossum by Oscar Wilde
  53. Robur der Sieger by Jules Verne
  54. Ethel Morton at Rose House by Mabell S. C. Smith
  55. Stories from Le Morte D'Arthur and the Mabinogion by Beatrice Clay
  56. Carnet d'un inconnu by Fédor Mikhaïlovitch Dostoïevski
  57. The Tale of Samuel Whiskers by Beatrix Potter
  58. Mary Cary by Kate Langley Bosher
  59. The Cuckoo Clock by Mrs. Molesworth
  60. The Law and the Word by Thomas Troward
  61. Le capitaine Paul by Alexandre Dumas père
  62. The Boer in Peace and War by Arthur M. Mann
  63. The S. W. F. Club by Caroline E. Jacobs
  64. Reason and Faith; Their Claims and Conflicts by Henry Rogers
  65. An Account Of The Customs And Manners Of The Micmakis And Maricheets Savage Nations, Now Dependent O
  66. A Leap in the Dark by A.V. Dicey
  67. A System of Instruction in the Practical Use of the Blowpipe by Anonymous
  68. The Miracle Man by Frank L. Packard
  69. A History of the McGuffey Readers by Henry H. Vail
  70. Humorous Masterpieces from American Literature by Various
  71. The Rustlers of Pecos County by Zane Grey
  72. A Woman Named Smith by Marie Conway Oemler
  73. Chartvlarivm Ecclesiae Sancti Petri de Bvrgo Valentiae Ordinis Sancti Avgvstini by Ulysse Chevalier
  74. The Pilot and his Wife by Jonas Lauritz Idemil Lie
  75. Les vies encloses by Georges Rodenbach
  76. Beadle's Boy's Library of Sport, Story and Adventure, Vol. I, No. 1. by Prentiss Ingraham
  77. Rough Stone Monuments and Their Builders by T. Eric Peet
  78. United States Declaration of Independence by United States
  79. Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 103, October 22, 1892 by Various
  80. Apocolocyntosis by Lucius Annaeus Seneca
  81. The Parasite by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  82. Jean Ziska by George Sand
  83. Old-Fashioned Fairy Tales by Juliana Horatia Gatty Ewing
  84. Stories of American Life and Adventure by Edward Eggleston
  85. Les aventures de M. Colin-Tampon by Jules Girardin
  86. Vocational Guidance for Girls by Marguerite Stockman Dickson
  87. Advis de la deffaicte des Anglois et autres heretiques by Monseigneur le duc de Mercure
  88. Greyfriars Bobby by Eleanor Stackhouse Atkinson
  89. Common Sense by Thomas Paine
  90. The Great Round World and What Is Going On In It, Vol. 1, No. 29, May 27, 1897 by Various
  91. The Diary of a Goose Girl by Kate Douglas Smith Wiggin
  92. Where Angels Fear to Tread by E. M. Forster
  93. Piano Mastery by Harriette Brower
  94. The Collected Works of Ambrose Bierce, Volume 8 by Ambrose Bierce
  95. The American Missionary — Vol. 44, No. 4, April, 1890 by Various
  96. First Love (Little Blue Book #1195) by Various
  97. Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 103, October 29, 1892 by Various
  98. How to Live on 24 Hours a Day by Arnold Bennett
  99. The Great Round World and What Is Going On In It, Vol. 1, No. 28, May 20, 1897 by Various
  100. Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 152, March 17, 1920 by Various
  101. Genesis A by Anonymous
  102. Bunyan Characters (1st Series) by Alexander Whyte
  103. Bunyan Characters (2nd Series) by Alexander Whyte
  104. Bunyan Characters (3rd Series) by Alexander Whyte
  105. The Ragged Edge by Harold MacGrath
  106. Early Australian Voyages: Pelsart, Tasman, Dampier by John Pinkerton
  107. The Talleyrand Maxim by J. S. Fletcher
  108. Hero Tales by James Baldwin
  109. Auringon noustessa by Tekla Roschier
  110. The Great Round World and What Is Going On In It, Vol. 1, No. 30, June 3, 1897 by Various
  111. The Story of Jack and the Giants by Anonymous
  112. The Loving Ballad of Lord Bateman by Charles Dickens and William Makepeace Thackeray
  113. Szachy i Warcaby: Droga do mistrzostwa by Edward Lasker
  114. Recreations in Astronomy by Henry Warren
  115. Handbook on Japanning: 2nd Edition by William N. Brown
  116. Jukes-Edwards by A. E. Winship
  117. Trisagio Quen Carcararag by Justo Claudio Fojas
  118. Polly Oliver's Problem by Kate Douglas Smith Wiggin
  119. The Lookout Man by B. M. Bower
  120. Contes et historiettes à l'usage des jeunes enfants by Zulma Carraud
  121. Sa Ano Nabubuhay Ang Tao by Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy
  122. The Southern Cross by Jr. Foxhall Daingerfield
  123. The Great Round World and What Is Going On In It, Vol. 1, No. 31, June 10, 1897 by Various
  124. Something New by P. G. Wodehouse
  125. Hamlet by William. Spurious and doubtful works Shakespeare
  126. Major Barbara by George Bernard Shaw
  127. Etimología de los Nombres de Razas de Filipinas by Trinidad Hermenegildo Pardo de Tavera
  128. The American Missionary, Vol. 44, No. 5, May 1890 by Various
  129. Notes and Queries, Number 62, January 4, 1851 by Various
  130. Notes and Queries, Number 63, January 11, 1851 by Various
  131. Notes and Queries, Number 64, January 18, 1851 by Various
  132. Notes and Queries, Number 65, January 25, 1851 by Various
  133. Romeo ja Julia by William. Spurious and doubtful works Shakespeare
  134. Port-Tarascon by Alphonse Daudet
  135. The Future of Astronomy by Edward C. Pickering
  136. Thirteen Months in the Rebel Army by William G. Stevenson
  137. The Great Round World and What Is Going On In It, Vol. 1, No. 32, June 17, 1897 by Various
  138. Dorothy Dale's Queer Holidays by Margaret Penrose
  139. Persuasion by Jane Austen
  140. Angling Sketches by Andrew Lang
  141. A Philosophicall Essay for the Reunion of the Languages by Pierre Besnier
  142. Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 152, June 6, 1917 by Various
  143. Beasts and Super-Beasts by Saki
  144. The Toys of Peace, and other papers by Saki
  145. Representation of the Impiety and Immorality of the English Stage (1704); Some Thoughts Concerning t
  146. Madam How and Lady Why by Charles Kingsley
  147. Pepper & Salt by Howard Pyle
  148. Four Little Blossoms and Their Winter Fun by Mabel C. Hawley
  149. The Golden Goose Book by L. Leslie Brooke
  150. The Wendigo by Algernon Blackwood
  151. Little Eve Edgarton by Eleanor Hallowell Abbott
  152. The Beacon Second Reader by James H. Fassett
  153. Breves instrucções aos correspondentes da Academia das Sciencias de Lisboa sobre as remessas dos p
  154. The American Missionary — Vol. 48, No. 10, October, 1894 by Various
  155. Best Short Stories by Various
  156. Dickory Cronke by Daniel Defoe
  157. Everybody's Business Is Nobody's Business by Daniel Defoe
  158. Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland by Samuel Johnson
  159. A Splendid Hazard by Harold MacGrath
  160. Fru inger til Østråt by Henrik Ibsen
  161. The History of Caliph Vathek by William Beckford
  162. Dictionary of the Chinook Jargon, or, Trade Language of Oregon by George Gibbs
  163. Confessions of an English Opium-Eater by Thomas De Quincey
  164. Brother Jacob by George Eliot
  165. The Lifted Veil by George Eliot
  166. The Secret Chamber at Chad by Evelyn Everett-Green
  167. Topsy-Turvy Land by Amy E. Zwemer and Samuel M. Zwemer
  168. Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 103, November 5, 1892 by Various
  169. The Life of John Bunyan by Edmund Venables
  170. Tien ohesta tempomia by Aino Malmberg
  171. Chronica d'El-Rei D. Affonso III by Ruy de Pina
  172. A Voyage to New Holland by William Dampier
  173. Utopia by Saint Sir Thomas More
  174. Sermons on the Card by Hugh Latimer
  175. Letters on England by Voltaire
  176. Introduction to the Compleat Angler by Andrew Lang
  177. Murad the Unlucky and Other Tales by Maria Edgeworth
  178. A Continuation of a Voyage to New Holland by William Dampier
  179. De Usu Ratiocinii Mechanici in Medicina by Hermanni Boerhaave
  180. Constructive Imperialism by Viscount Milner
  181. The High School Failures by Francis P. Obrien
  182. The Summer Holidays by Amerel
  183. True Stories of History and Biography by Nathaniel Hawthorne
  184. Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 152, June 13, 1917 by Various
  185. Curly and Floppy Twistytail; the Funny Piggie Boys by Howard R. Garis
  186. Äärimmäisessä talossa by Matti Kurikka
  187. Het Nut Der Mechanistische Methode In De Geneeskunde by Hermanni Boerhaave
  188. Woman in Modern Society by Earl Barnes
  189. 'Doc.' Gordon by Mary E. Wilkins-Freeman
  190. Superstition Unveiled by Charles Southwell
  191. A Review of Uncle Tom's Cabin by A. Woodward
  192. The Case of Jennie Brice by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  193. Men, Women, and Ghosts by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps
  194. Adventure by Jack London
  195. The Game by Jack London
  196. Notes and Queries, Number 11, January 12, 1850 by Various
  197. Scientific American Supplement, No. 794, March 21, 1891 by Various
  198. The Christmas Angel by Abbie Farwell Brown
  199. Modern by Ernst Ahlgren and Axel Lundegård
  200. The Silly Syclopedia by Noah Lott
  201. Winchester by Sidney Heath
  202. Nicky-Nan, Reservist by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  203. The Great Round World and What Is Going On In It, Vol. 1, No. 25, April 29, 1897 by Various
  204. Footnote to History, A: Eight Years of Trouble in Samoa by Robert Louis Stevenson
  205. Baron Olson och andra historier by Sigge Strömberg
  206. Books and Persons by Arnold Bennett
  207. The Poor Little Rich Girl by Eleanor Gates
  208. My Adventures as a Spy by Robert Baden-Powell
  209. A Collection of Stories by Jack London
  210. Ruth Fielding in the Great Northwest by pseud. Alice B. Emerson
  211. The Tysons by May Sinclair
  212. The Hawk of Egypt by Joan Conquest
  213. The Rover Boys on Treasure Isle by Edward Stratemeyer
  214. Gritli's Children by Johanna Spyri
  215. The Camp Fire Girls on the Farm by Jane L. Stewart
  216. The Indiscreet Letter by Eleanor Hallowell Abbott
  217. Grey Roses by Henry Harland
  218. Tales of Troy: Ulysses, the sacker of cities by Andrew Lang
  219. Aus Kroatien by Arthur Achleitner
  220. The House that Jill Built by E. C. Gardner
  221. A Short History of a Long Travel from Babylon to Bethel by Stephen Crisp
  222. Allvarsord om allting och ingenting by Waldemar Bülow
  223. Contes de bord by Édouard Corbière
  224. Der Mann von vierzig Jahren by Jakob Wassermann

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