The London-Bawd: With Her Character and Life by Anonymous


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Thus have I briefly represented my Bawd unto the Readers View in her own
proper Colours, and set her forth in a true Light. I will therefore thus
conclude her Character.

__A Bawd_ is the chief instrument of evil,_
__Tempter_ to _Sin_, and _Factor_ for the _Devil__
_Whose sly Temptations has undone more Souls_
_Than there are Stars between the Worlds two Poles._
_She ruines _Families_ to advance her _Treasure_,_
_And reaps her _Profit_ out of others _Pleasure_:_
_Pleasures attended with so black a stain,_
_That they at last end in _Eternal Pain_._
_Her ways so various are, they're hard to tell,_
_By which she does betray poor Souls to Hell._
_Smooth is her _Tongue_, and Subtile are her ways_
_And by _false Pleasures_ to _True Pain_ betrays._
_The _Bane of Virtue_, and the _Bawd_ to _Vice_,_
__Pander_ to _Hell_, is this _She-Cockatrice_._
_She's like the _Devil_, seeking every hour_
_Whom she may first _Decoy_, and then _Devour_:_
_Let every thinking Mortal then beware,_
_And, that he comes not near her House, take care:_
_For She'll Betray (her fury is so fell)_
_Your _Body_ to the _Pox_, your _Soul_ to _Hell_._

* * * * *


_Of Pimps and Panders, what they are: with a Dialogue between a Whore,
a Pimp, a Pander, an old Bawd, and a Prodigal Spend-Thrift about

In the House of Sin; I mean in a Bawdy House, there are other Instruments
of Wickedness besides Bawds and Whores: For tho' the Bawd be the Person
that keeps the House, and manages all in cheif, yet there are other
Necessary Hangers-on belonging thereunto; and these are called Pimps and
Panders, which are indeed a Sort of He-Bawds, and Procurers of Whores for
other Men; of which one who is called a Pimp, is cheifly employ'd abroad,
both to bring in Customers, and to procure such Wenches as are willing to
be made Whores of: And these are a sort of Persons so far degenerated below
humanity that they will sometimes procure their own Wives to be Whore for
other Men. As an instance whereof, not long since two Men went into a
House, to drink, not thinking it to be a Bawdy-House; but as soon as the
Beer was brought in, there came in a Female Creature to 'em, who quickly
let 'em understand what she was, and also in what sort of House they were
got. One of them took her by the Hand, and Began to grow very familiar with
her; and found he might have any Kindness from her which he had a mind to,
for asking; but the other seeing him ingross the wench to himself, began to
Storm, and Knock, and Call, at a strange rate; upon which the man of the
House came up presently, and desir'd to know what was the matter? Why you
Impudent Rascal, says he, have you but one Whore in the House, that you
make me thus stand empty-handed, like a Jack-a-napes, while my Companion's
trading with the other? The Pimp seeing the Man in such a Passion, Good
Sir, says he be pacify'd, and I'll go down and sent up my own Wife to wait
upon ye: Which he did accordingly.--Those that are called Pandars, are in a
strict sense such as keep always within doors, and have the management of
matters in the House. These, are they that bring the Rogues, and Whores
together, and wait upon them whilst they are acting of their filthiness.

These Brethren in iniquity with the rest of the Bawdy-house Crew, were in a
hot Dispute about Priority, every one striving to be chief: And what their
several Arguments were, I shall next give you an Account of; and afterwards
shew you more of their Pranks. The first that stood upon her Pantables, as
being chief, was the Whore, and thus it was she manag'd her Cause.

_Whore._ That I ought to take place of the rest, is what none can without
Impudence and great Injustice deny me: For 'tis I that bring in all your
Livings, 'tis I that venture my Carcase, nay, that venture my Soul too; and
all to get an honest livelihood. Yes Mr. _Pimp_, for all your sneering, I
say an honest livelihood; for I cheat no body, but pay for what I have, and
make use of nothing but what's my own, and that no body can hinder me from.
And I think 'tis better for me, and less hazardous, to get my living by my
Tail, then to turn Thief and steal from other Folks. Besides, I'll suffer
nobody to have to do with me, but What I like; nor lie with any but whom I
love; I make no Price with any Man; but take what they freely give; and
therefore I can't properly be said to be a Whore, for Whores are they that
trade for Hire and make Bargains before-hand, which I never do. And
therefore seeing I maintain you all, you ought to acknowledge me to be the
cheif, and give me the Preheminence; for you all live by the Blood that
runs in my Veins; for did not my Beauty invite Men, and my Embraces please
'em, you cou'dn't all of you get water to wash your hands, but wou'd be as
poor as so many Church-Mice.

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