Curly and Floppy Twistytail; the Funny Piggie Boys by Howard R. Garis


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Page 1

Pinky's Rubber Ball

How Curly Helped Mother

Curly and the Elephant

Flop and the Bag of Meal

Piggy Boys at School

Curly Is Vaccinated

Curly and the Spinning Top

Flop and the Turtle

Curly and the Chestnuts

Baby Pinky and the Doctor

Curly and the Big Apple

The Piggies and the Pumpkin

The Piggies In a Cornfield

Flop Has a Tumble

Mr. Twistytail's Lost Hat

Mother Twistytail's New Bonnet

Curly and the Sour Milk

Flop and the Pie Lady

The Piggies and the Jelly

Flop and the Marshmallows

The Piggies and the Fish

Curly and the Afraid Girl

The Piggies At the Party

Floppy and the Bonfire

Flop and the Skate Wagon

Pinky and the Lemon

The Piggies and Santa Claus

Floppy and the Stockings

The Twistytails' Christmas



Once upon a time, not so very many years ago, in the days when there
were fairies and giants and all things like that, there lived in a
little house, on the edge of a wood, a family of pigs. Now these
pigs weren't like the pigs, which perhaps you children have seen on
most farms. No, indeed! They were just the nicest cleanest, sweetest
pigs you ever dreamed of--not that pigs on a farm can't be clean, if
they want to, but, somehow or other, no one seems to have time to
see that they are clean. I guess it would take some one like Jennie
Chipmunk to sweep and dust their pen for them.

Anyhow the pigs I am going to tell you about were very different
from most pigs, and they had some very funny adventures.

First, there was the papa pig, and his name was Mr. Archibald
Twistytail though no one ever called him anything but Mr. Twistytail
except maybe his wife, when he forgot to bring up a scuttle of coal
so she could do the washing. And then, of course there was Mrs.
Twistytail--she was the mamma pig. And there were two little boy
pigs, and for a time they didn't have any names, as their papa and
mamma were so busy that they couldn't think what to call them. So
they just said "Here sonny!" or "Hi, Bubby," whenever they wanted
them to come in, or eat their dinner.

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