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Page 1

Cejador y Frauca, _Historia de la Lengua y Literatura Castellana_, Vol.
VIII (pages 56-57), Madrid, 1918.

In this edition of _Fortuna_ some words and sentences have been omitted
from the text because they were uninteresting and unimportant. In a few
cases expressions have been left out because they were unusual and
therefore not adapted to elementary instruction.

In the exercises there is an abundance of direct-method material. Each
of the exercises consists of four parts. The first part gives simple
grammatical questions. The second contains idiomatic expressions to be
committed to memory and to be used in the formation of sentences. The
third part gives questions on the subject matter of the story which are
to be answered in Spanish. And the fourth contains connected sentences
to be translated from English into Spanish. Those teachers who prefer
that the students in the elementary classes should not translate English
into Spanish may postpone or omit altogether this part of the exercises
if they wish to do so.

The language of _Fortuna_ is so clear and simple that the story may be
read to advantage in elementary classes. The notes, the direct-method
exercises and the vocabulary have been prepared with a view to the needs
of beginners.

The editors are glad to take this opportunity of expressing their thanks
to Professor Juan Cano, Mr. Antonio Alonso, and Miss Madre Merrill of
Indiana University, and Dr. Alexander Green and Miss Ellen E. Aldrich of
D.C. Heath and Company for their valuable assistance in the preparation
of this book.

E.C.H. L.R.




=Sentenciado a muerte=

suspendido su eterno movimiento, adormecidas bajo el peso de una
temperatura agostadora.

Un perro de raza dudosa, lomo rojizo, orejas de lobo y prolongado

la lengua colgante.

hombres, pero que al delicado olfato de la raza canina le indica la
fuente o el codiciado charco donde apagar su sed.

sudor interno que, no encontrando paso por los cerrados poros de la
piel, se exhala por la boca.

largo camino solitario y abrasado.

dos mitades.[A]

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