Gods of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs

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Page 2

That night I walked down to the cemetery with him. At the door of
his vault he turned and pressed my hand.

'Good-bye, nephew,' he said. 'I may never see you again, for I
doubt that I can ever bring myself to leave my wife and boy while
they live, and the span of life upon Barsoom is often more than a
thousand years.'

He entered the vault. The great door swung slowly to. The ponderous
bolts grated into place. The lock clicked. I have never seen
Captain John Carter, of Virginia, since.

But here is the story of his return to Mars on that other occasion,
as I have gleaned it from the great mass of notes which he left
for me upon the table of his room in the hotel at Richmond.

There is much which I have left out; much which I have not dared
to tell; but you will find the story of his second search for Dejah
Thoris, Princess of Helium, even more remarkable than was his first
manuscript which I gave to an unbelieving world a short time since
and through which we followed the fighting Virginian across dead
sea bottoms under the moons of Mars.

E. R. B.


I. The Plant Men

II. A Forest Battle

III. The Chamber of Mystery

IV. Thuvia

V. Corridors of Peril

VI. The Black Pirates of Barsoom

VII. A Fair Goddess

VIII. The Depths of Omean

IX. Issus, Goddess of Life Eternal

X. The Prison Isle of Shador

XI. When Hell Broke Loose

XII. Doomed to Die

XIII. A Break for Liberty

XIV. The Eyes in the Dark

XV. Flight and Pursuit

XVI. Under Arrest

XVII. The Death Sentence

XVIII. Sola's Story

XIX. Black Despair

XX. The Air Battle

XXI. Through Flood and Flame

XXII. Victory and Defeat

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