The Bible, Douay-Rheims, Book 17: Tobias by Anonymous


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Page 1

The Whole Revised and Diligently Compared with
the Latin Vulgate by Bishop Richard Challoner
A.D. 1749-1752


This Book takes its name from the holy man Tobias, whose wonderful
virtues are herein recorded. It contains most excellent documents of
great piety, extraordinary patience, and of a perfect resignation to the
will of God. His humble prayer was heard, and the angel Raphael was sent
to relieve him: he is thankful and praises the Lord, calling on the
children of Israel to do the same. Having lived to the age of one
hundred and two years, he exhorts his son and grandsons to piety,
foretells the destruction of Ninive and the rebuilding of Jerusalem: he
dies happily.

Tobias Chapter 1

Tobias's early piety: his works of mercy, particularly in burying the

1:1. Tobias of the tribe and city of Nephtali, (which is in the upper
parts of Galilee above Naasson, beyond the way that leadeth to the west,
having on the right hand the city of Sephet,)

1:2. When he was made captive in the days of Salmanasar king of the
Assyrians, even in his captivity, forsook not the way of truth,

1:3. But every day gave all he could get to his brethren his fellow
captives, that were of his kindred.

1:4. And when he was younger than any of the tribe of Nephtali, yet did
he no childish thing in his work.

1:5. Moreover when all went to the golden calves which Jeroboam king of
Israel had made, he alone fled the company of all,

1:6. And went to Jerusalem to the temple of the Lord, and there adored
the Lord God of Israel, offering faithfully all his firstfruits, and his

1:7. So that in the third year he gave all his tithes to the proselytes,
and strangers.

1:8. These and such like things did he observe when but a boy according
to the law of God.

1:9. But when he was a man, he took to wife Anna of his own tribe, and
had a son by her, whom he called after his own name,

1:10. And from his infancy he taught him to fear God, and to abstain
from all sin.

1:11. And when by the captivity he with his wife and his son and all his
tribe was come to the city of Ninive,

1:12. (When all ate of the meats of the Gentiles) he kept his soul and
never was defiled with their meats.

1:13. And because he was mindful of the Lord with all his heart, God
gave him favour in the sight of Salmanasar the king.

1:14. And he gave him leave to go whithersoever he would, with liberty
to do whatever he had a mind.

1:15. He therefore went to all that were in captivity, and gave them
wholesome admonitions.

1:16. And when he was come to Rages a city of the Medes, and had ten
talents of silver of that with which he had been honoured by the king:

1:17. And when amongst a great multitude of his kindred, he saw Gabelus
in want, who was one of his tribe, taking a note of his hand he gave him
the aforesaid sum of money.

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