The Bible, Douay-Rheims, Book 7: Judges by Anonymous


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Page 1

The Whole Revised and Diligently Compared with
the Latin Vulgate by Bishop Richard Challoner
A.D. 1749-1752


This Book is called JUDGES, because it contains the history of what
passed under the government of the judges, who ruled Israel before they
had kings. The writer of it, according to the more general opinion, was
the prophet Samuel.

Judges Chapter 1

The expedition and victory of Juda against the Chanaanites: who are
tolerated in many places.

1:1. After the death of Josue, the children of Israel consulted the
Lord, saying: Who shall go up before us against the Chanaanite, and
shall be the leader of the war?

1:2. And the Lord said: Juda shall go up: behold I have delivered the
land into his hands.

1:3. And Juda said to Simeon, his brother: Come up with me into my lot,
and fight against the Chanaanite, that I also may go along with thee
into thy lot. And Simeon went with him.

1:4. And Juda went up, and the Lord delivered the Chanaanite, and the
Pherezite into their hands: and they slew of them in Bezec ten thousand

1:5. And they found Adonibezec in Bezec, and fought against him, and
they defeated the Chanaanite, and the Pherezite.

1:6. And Adonibezec fled: and they pursued after him and took him, and
cut off his fingers and toes.

1:7. And Adonibezec said: Seventy kings, having their fingers and toes
cut off, gathered up the leavings of the meat under my table: as I have
done, so hath God requited me. And they brought him to Jerusalem, and
he died there.

1:8. And the children of Juda besieging Jerusalem, took it, and put it
to the sword, and set the whole city on fire.

Jerusalem... This city was divided into two; one part was called Jebus,
the other Salem: the one was in the tribe of Juda, the other in the
tribe of Benjamin. After it was taken and burnt by the men of Juda, it
was quickly rebuilt again by the Jebusites, as we may gather from ver.
21; and continued in their possession till it was taken by king David.

1:9. And afterwards they went down and fought against the Chanaanite,
who dwelt in the mountains, and in the south, and in the plains.

1:10. And Juda going forward against the Chanaanite, that dwelt in
Hebron, (the name whereof was in former times Cariath-Arbe) slew Sesai,
and Ahiman, and Tholmai:

Hebron... This expedition against Hebron, etc. is the same as is
related, Jos. 15.24. It is here repeated, to give the reader at once a
short sketch of all the achievements of the tribe of Juda against the

1:11. And departing from thence, he went to the inhabitants of Dabir,
the ancient name of which was Cariath-Sepher, that is, the city of

The city of letters... Perhaps so called from some famous school, or
library, kept there.

1:12. And Caleb said: He that shall take Cariath-Sepher, and lay it
waste, to him will I give my daughter Axa to wife.

1:13. And Othoniel, the son of Cenez, the younger brother of Caleb,
having taken it, he gave him Axa his daughter to wife.

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