The Bible, Douay-Rheims, Book 6: Josue by Anonymous


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Page 1

The Whole Revised and Diligently Compared with
the Latin Vulgate by Bishop Richard Challoner
A.D. 1749-1752


This Book is called JOSUE, because it contains the history of what
passed under him, and according to the common opinion was written by
him. The Greeks call him Jesus: for Josue and Jesus in the Hebrew, are
the same name, and have the same signification, viz., A SAVIOUR. And it
was not without a mystery that he who was to bring the people into the
land of promise should have his name changed from OSEE (for so he was
called before, Num. 13.17,) to JOSUE or JESUS, to give us to understand,
that Moses by his law could only bring the people within sight of the
promised inheritance, but that our Saviour JESUS was to bring us into

Josue Chapter 1

Josue, encouraged by the Lord, admonisheth the people to prepare
themselves to pass over the Jordan.

1:1. Now it came to pass after the death of Moses, the servant of the
Lord, that the Lord spoke to Josue, the son of Nun, the minister of
Moses, and said to him:

1:2. Moses my servant is dead: arise, and pass over this Jordan, thou
and thy people with thee, into the land which I will give to the
children of Israel.

1:3. I will deliver to you every place that the sole of your foot shall
tread upon, as I have said to Moses.

1:4. From the desert, and from Libanus unto the great river Euphrates,
all the land of the Hethites, unto the great sea toward the going down
of the sun, shall be your border.

1:5. No man shall be able to resist you all the days of thy life: as I
have been with Moses, so will I be with thee: I will not leave thee, nor
forsake thee.

1:6. Take courage, and be strong: for thou shalt divide by lot to this
people the land for which I swore to their fathers, that I would deliver
it to them.

1:7. Take courage therefore, and be very valiant: that thou mayst
observe and do all the law, which Moses my servant hath commanded thee:
turn not from it to the right hand or to the left, that thou mayst
understand all things which thou dost.

1:8. Let not the book of this law depart from thy mouth: but thou shalt
meditate on it day and night, that thou mayst observe and do all things
that are written in it: then shalt thou direct thy way, and understand

1:9. Behold I command thee, take courage, and be strong. Fear not, and
be not dismayed: because the Lord thy God is with thee in all things
whatsoever thou shalt go to.

1:10. And Josue commanded the princes of the people, saying: Pass
through the midst of the camp, and command the people, and say:

1:11. Prepare your victuals: for after the third day you shall pass over
the Jordan, and shall go in to possess the land, which the Lord your God
will give you.

1:12. And he said to the Rubenites, and the Gadites, and the half tribe
of Manasses:

1:13. Remember the word, which Moses the servant of the Lord commanded
you, saying: The Lord your God hath given you rest, and all this land.

1:14. Your wives, and children; and cattle, shall remain in the land
which Moses gave you on this side of the Jordan: but pass you over armed
before your brethren all of you that are strong of hand, and fight for

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