The Bible, Douay-Rheims, Book 5: Deuteronomy by Anonymous


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Page 2

1:18. And I commanded you all things that you were to do.

1:19. And departing from Horeb, we passed through the terrible and vast
wilderness, which you saw, by the way of the mountain of the Amorrhite,
as the Lord our God had commanded us. And when we were come into

1:20. I said to you: You are come to the mountain of the Amorrhite,
which the Lord our God will give to us.

1:21. See the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee: go up and possess
it, as the Lord our God hath spoken to thy fathers: fear not, nor be any
way discouraged.

1:22. And you came all to me, and said: Let us send men who may view the
land, and bring us word what way we shall go up, and to what cities we
shall go.

1:23. And because the saying pleased me, I sent of you twelve men, one
of every tribe:

1:24. Who, when they had set forward and had gone up to the mountains,
came as far as the valley of the cluster: and having viewed the land,

1:25. Taking of the fruits thereof, to shew its fertility, they brought
them to us, and said: The land is good, which the Lord our God will give

1:26. And you would not go up, but being incredulous to the word of the
Lord our God,

1:27. You murmured in your tents, and said: The Lord hateth us, and
therefore he hath brought us out of the land of Egypt, that he might
deliver us into the hand of the Amorrhite, and destroy us.

1:28. Whither shall we go up? the messengers have terrified our hearts,
saying: The multitude is very great, and taller than we: the cities are
great, and walled up to the sky, we have seen the sons of the Enacims

Walled up to the sky... A figurative expression, signifying the walls to
be very high.

1:29. And I said to you: Fear not, neither be ye afraid of them:

1:30. The Lord God, who is your leader, himself will fight for you, as
he did in Egypt in the sight of all.

1:31. And in the wilderness (as thou hast seen) the Lord thy God hath
carried thee, as a man is wont to carry his little son, all the way that
you have come, until you came to this place.

1:32. And yet for all this you did not believe the Lord your God,

1:33. Who went before you in the way, and marked out the place, wherein
you should pitch your tents, in the night shewing you the way by fire,
and in the day by the pillar of a cloud.

1:34. And when the Lord had heard the voice of your words, he was angry
and swore, and said:

1:35. Not one of the men of this wicked generation shall see the good
land, which I promised with an oath to your fathers:

1:36. Except Caleb the son of Jephone: for he shall see it, and to him I
will give the land that he hath trodden upon, and to his children,
because he hath followed the Lord.

1:37. Neither is his indignation against the people to be wondered at,
since the Lord was angry with me also on your account, and said: Neither
shalt thou go in thither.

1:38. But Josue the son of Nun, thy minister, he shall go in for thee:
exhort and encourage him, and he shall divide the land by lot to Israel.

1:39. Your children, of whom you said that they should be led away
captives, and your sons who know not this day the difference of good and
evil, they shall go in: and to them I will give the land, and they shall
possess it.

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