The Bible, Douay-Rheims Version, Book 4: Numbers by Anonymous


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Page 1

The Whole Revised and Diligently Compared with
the Latin Vulgate by Bishop Richard Challoner
A.D. 1749-1752


This fourth Book of Moses is called NUMBERS, because it begins with the
numbering of the people. The Hebrews, from its first words, call it
VAIEDABBER. It contains the transactions of the Israelites from the
second month of the second year after their going out of Egypt, until
the beginning of the eleventh month of the fortieth year; that is, a
history almost of thirty-nine years.

Numbers Chapter 1

The children of Israel are numbered: the Levites are designed to serve
the tabernacle.

1:1. And the Lord spoke to Moses in the desert of Sinai in the
tabernacle of the covenant, the first day of the second month, the
second year of their going out of Egypt, saying:

1:2. Take the sum of all the congregation of the children of Israel by
their families, and houses, and the names of every one, as many as are
of the male sex,

1:3. From twenty years old and upwards, of all the men of Israel fit for
war, and you shall number them by their troops, thou and Aaron.

1:4. And there shall be with you the princes of the tribes, and of the
houses in their kindreds,

1:5. Whose names are these: Of Ruben, Elisur the son of Sedeur.

1:6. Of Simeon, Salamiel the son of Surisaddai.

1:7. Of Juda, Nahasson the son of Aminadab.

1:8. Of Issachar, Nathanael the son of Suar.

1:9. Of Zabulon, Eliab the son of Helon.

1:10. And of the sons of Joseph: of Ephraim, Elisama the son of Ammiud:
of Manasses, Gamaliel the son of Phadassur.

1:11. Of Benjamin, Abidan the son of Gedeon.

1:12. Of Dan, Ahiezer the son of Ammisaddai.

1:13. Of Aser, Phegiel the son of Ochran.

1:14. Of Gad, Eliasaph the son of Duel.

1:15. Of Nephtali, Ahira the son of Enan.

1:16. These are the most noble princes of the multitude by their tribes
and kindreds, and the chiefs of the army of Israel:

1:17. Whom Moses and Aaron took with all the multitude of the common

1:18. And assembled them on the first day of the second month, reckoning
them up by the kindreds, and houses, and families, and heads, and names
of every one from twenty years old and upward,

1:19. As the Lord had commanded Moses. And they were numbered in the
desert of Sinai.

1:20. Of Ruben the eldest son of Israel, by their generations and
families and houses and names of every head, all that were of the male
sex, from twenty years old and upward, that were able to go forth to

1:21. Were forty-six thousand five hundred.

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