The Five Books of Youth by Robert Hillyer


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I Winds blowing over the white-capped bay
II Like children on a sunny shore
III Against my wall the summer weaves
IV Into the trembling air
V In gardens when the sun is set
VI Now the white dove has found her mate
VII When voices sink in twilight silences
VIII When noon is blazing on the town
IX The trees have never seemed so green
X The green canal is mottled with falling leaves
XI They who have gone down the hill are far away
XII Where two roads meet amid the wood
XIII The boy is late tonight binding his sheaves
XIV O lovely shepherd Corydon, how far
XV O little shepherd boy, what sobs are those
XVI The dull-eyed girl in bronze implores Apollo
XVII The winter night is hard as glass
XVIII Chords, tremendous chords
XIX I have known the lure of cities
XX We wove a fillet for thy head


I Now the sick earth revives, and in the sun
II The heavy bee burdened the golden clover
III Of days and nights under the living vine
IV You seek to hurt me, foolish child, and why?
V By these shall you remember
VI Two black deer uprise
VII When in the ultimate embrace
VIII Tonight it seems to be the same
IX If you should come tonight
X You are very far tonight
XI O lonely star moving in still abodes
XII A chalice singing deep with wine


I As dreamers through their dreams surmise
II The thinkers light their lamps in rows
III I pass my days in ghostly presences
IV Each mote that staggers down the sun
V He is a priest
VI Through hissing snow, through rain, through many hundred Mays
VII Gods dine on prayer and sacred song
VIII A smile will turn away green eyes
IX Two Kings there were, one Good, one Bad
X I see that Hermes unawares
XI Semiramis, the whore of Babylon
XII Bring hemlock, black as Cretan cheese
XIII Walking through the town last night
XIV The change of many tides has swung the flow
XV Piero di Cosimo
XVI I would know what cannot be known
XVII The yellow bird is singing by the pond


I Love dwelled with me with music on her lips
II Invoking not the worship of the crowd
III And yet think not that I desire to seal
IV With the young god who out of death creates
V O it was gay! the wilderness was floral
VI The snow is thawing on the hanging eaves
VII So ends the day with beauty in the west
VIII Across the evening calm I faintly hear
IX Calmer than mirrored waters after rain
X I stood like some worn image carved of stone
XI Through the deep night the leaves speak, tree to tree
XII I walked the hollow pavements of the town
XIII In tireless march I move from sphere to sphere
XIV A while you shared my path and solitude
XV There is a void that reason can not face
XVI The mirrors of all ages are the eyes
XVII We sat in silence till the twilight fell
XVIII He clung to me, his young face dark with woe

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