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Page 2

LAGNY, 2 April, 1842.


Philip II., King of Spain
Cardinal Cienfuegos, Grand Inquisitor
The Captain of the Guards
The Duke of Olmedo
The Duke of Lerma
Alfonso Fontanares
Lavradi, known as Quinola
A halberdier
An alcalde of the palace
A familiar of the Inquisition
The Queen of Spain
The Marchioness of Mondejar


Don Fregose, Viceroy of Catalonia
Grand Inquisitor
Count Sarpi, secretary to the Viceroy
Don Ramon, a savant
Avaloros, a banker
Mathieu Magis, a Lombard
Lothundiaz, a burgess
Alfonso Fontanares, an inventor
Lavradi, known as Quinola, servant to Fontanares
Monipodio, a retired bandit
Coppolus, a metal merchant
Carpano, a locksmith
Esteban, workman
Girone, workman
The host of the "Golden Sun"
A bailiff
An alcalde
Faustine Brancadori
Marie Lothundiaz, daughter to Lothundiaz
Dona Lopez, duenna to Marie Lothundiaz
Paquita, maid to Faustine

SCENE: Spain--Valladolid and Barcelona

TIME: 1588-89




(The scene is laid at Valladolid, in the palace of the King of Spain.
The stage represents the gallery which leads to the chapel. The
entrance to the chapel is on the spectators' left, that to the royal
apartment on the right. The principal entrance is in the centre. On
each side of the principal door stand two halberdiers. At the rise of
the curtain the Captain of the Guards and two lords are on the stage.
An alcalde of the palace stands in the centre of the gallery. Several
courtiers are walking up and down in the hall that leads to the

The Captain of the Guards, Quinola (wrapped in his mantle) and a

The halberdier (barring the way to Quinola)
No one passes this way, unless he has the right to do so. Who are you?

Quinola (lifting up the halberd)
An ambassador.

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