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_Cousin Peregrine's Wonder Stories_ and _Traveller's Tales_ were written
after Mrs. Ewing's marriage, with the help of her husband; he supplied
the facts and descriptions from things which he had seen during his long
residence abroad. Colonel Ewing also helped my sister in translating the
_Tales of the Khoja_ from the Turkish. The illustrations now reproduced
were drawn by our brother, Alfred Scott-Gatty.

In _Little Woods_ and _May-Day Customs_ Mrs. Ewing showed her ready
ability to take up any subject of interest that came under her

might be. The same readiness was shown in her adaptation of the various
versions of the _Mumming Play_, or _The Peace Egg_.

_In Memoriam_ was written under considerable restraint soon after our
Mother's death. My sister knew that she did not wish her biography to be
written, but still it was impossible to let the originator and editor of
_Aunt Judy's Magazine_ pass away without some little record being given
to the many children who loved her writings. In Ecclesfield Church
there is a tablet erected to Mrs. Gatty's memory by one thousand
children, who each contributed sixpence.

_The Snarling Princess_ and _The Little Parsnip Man_ are adaptations of
two fairy tales which appeared in a German magazine; and as both the
tales and their illustrations took Mrs. Ewing's fancy, she made a free
rendering of them for _Aunt Judy's Magazine_.

_A Child's Wishes_ and _War and the Dead_ are more accurate
translations, but it may be said they have not suffered in their
transmission from one language to another. My sister's selection of the
last sketch for translation is noticeable, as giving a foretaste of her
keen sympathy with military interests.


The Mystery of the Bloody Hand

The Smut

The Crick

The Brothers

Cousin Peregrine's Wonder Stories:
1. The Chinese Jugglers, and the Englishman's Hands

2. Waves of the Great South Seas

Cousin Peregrine's Traveller's Tales:
Jack of Pera

The Princes of Vegetation

Little Woods

May-Day, Old Style and New Style

In Memoriam, Margaret Gatty

Tales of the Khoja (_from the Turkish_)

The Snarling Princess (_adapted from the German_)

The Little Parsnip-Man (_adapted from the German_)

A Child's Wishes (_from the German of R. Reinick_)



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