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Page 1

II. The Boy Scouts of America

Headquarters--Purpose--Scout Law--How to form a patrol of
Scouts--Organization of a troop--Practical activities for
Scouts--A Scout camp--Model Programme of Sir R.S.S.
Baden-Powell Scout camp.

III. Camps and Camping

How to select the best place to pitch a tent--A brush bed--The
best kind of a tent--How to make the camp fire--What to do when
it rains--Fresh air and good food--The brush leanto and how to
make it.

IV. Camp Cooking

How to make the camp fire range--Bread bakers--Cooking
utensils--The grub list--Simple camp recipes.

V. Woodcraft

The use of an axe and hatchet--Best woods for special
purposes--What to do when you are lost--Nature's compasses.

VI. Use of Fire-arms

Importance of early training--Why a gun is better than a
rifle--How to become a good shot.

VII. Fishing

Proper tackle for all purposes--How to catch bait--The fly
fisherman--General fishing rules.

VIII. Nature Study

What is a true naturalist?--How to start a collection--Moth
collecting--The herbarium.

IX. Water Life

The water telescope--How to manage an aquarium--Our insect
friends and enemies--The observation beehive.

X. The Care of Pets

Cats--Boxes for song birds--How to attract the birds--Tame
crows--The pigeon fancier--Ornamental land and water
fowl--Rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and mice--How to build
coops--General rules for the care of pets--The dog.

XI. The Care of Chickens

The best breed--Good and bad points of incubators--What to feed
small chicks--A model chicken house.

XII. Winter Sports

What to wear--Skating--Skiing--Snowshoeing--Hockey.

XIII. Horsemanship

How to become a good rider--The care of horses--Saddles.

XIV. How to Swim and to Canoe

The racing strokes--Paddling and sailing canoes.

XV. Baseball

How to organize a team and to select the players--The various
positions--Curve pitching.

XVI. How to Play Football

The various positions and how to select men for them--Team
work and signals--The rules.

XVII. Lawn Tennis

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