The Great Round World and What Is Going On In It, Vol. 1, No. 55, November 25, 1897 by Various


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Page 2

It is felt that while Spain has cause for anger against the American
sympathisers who have sent over so many filibusters, she has none
against the United States Government, which has done everything in its
power to prevent the despatching of these unlawful expeditions.

* * * * *

Before he left Havana Weyler made a speech in which he is reported to
have made remarks which have annoyed the Spanish Government. This
appears to have created trouble for him.

The Spanish ministers have talked the matter over, and decided to demand
an explanation from the ex-Captain-General.

The commanders of each of the ports in the Spanish kingdom have been
instructed to ask the General what these remarks were the moment he sets
his foot on Spanish soil, wherever that may be. If his statement agrees
with the reports of his speech, he will immediately be arrested and
tried by court-martial.

The particular remark reported which so offended the Government was in
reference to his being certain that no other minister would keep him in
office after the death of Canovas.

General Blanco is endeavoring to establish his government in Havana.

He is not having an easy time of it, however. The Spanish ministers were
led to believe that there were a great number of Cubans who were
desirous of seeing Home Rule established, and who would come to the
assistance of Spain if she attempted to do this.

One of the proposed changes was that certain of the offices should be
filled by Cubans. From the accounts given. General Blanco expected to
find no difficulty in getting the Cubans to serve under him.

To his dismay he has found that the reported strong Home Rule party does
not exist, and that the Cubans decline the honors offered them. He had
to threaten one man with banishment from Cuba before he could persuade
him to take any part in the establishment of the reforms.

* * * * *

The war is being actively pursued all over the island. General Garcia
has, it is said, captured Holguin and Mayari in Santiago de Cuba.

At Pinar del Rio City the insurgents defeated the Spanish troops and
took from them some guns and a large store of ammunition.

It is said that a million dollars, sent over to pay the Spanish army,
has mysteriously disappeared from Havana's treasury, and the soldiers
are extremely indignant over it.

The desperate want of money among the troops is leading to some very
reprehensible acts, if we are to believe what we hear.

It seems that some soldiers brought their colonel word that they knew
where they could lay hands on $14,000, and they said that if they were
allowed to go and seize it they would bring it to the colonel to pay
the regiment, which otherwise would mutiny.

The colonel allowed his men to set off on their shameful expedition, and
learned that sure enough they had obtained the money. What was his
surprise and indignation to find that, instead of bringing it to him,
they had deserted to the Cubans with their booty.

While the promised reforms are being put into practice without delay,
the new Captain-General is, it is said, making active preparations for
war. The winter campaign against the rebels is to begin at once, and it
is believed that severe fighting is ahead.

It remains to be seen whether the soldiers will do better under General
Blanco's leadership than they did under Weyler.

* * * * *

You will be interested to know that the trial of the _Competitor_
prisoners takes place in Havana this week.

The Spanish Government evidently wishes to settle this matter, which has
been a grave source of difficulty between Madrid and Washington.

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