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Page 2


_Secretary of Woman's Bureau._

Miss D.E. EMERSON, _Bible House, N.Y._


Relating to the work of the Association may be addressed to the
Corresponding Secretaries; letters for "THE AMERICAN MISSIONARY," to the
Editor, at the New York Office; letters relating to the finances, to the


In drafts, checks, registered letters, or post-office orders, may be
sent to H.W. Hubbard, Treasurer, Bible House, New York, or, when more
convenient, to either of the Branch Offices, 21 Congregational House,
Boston, Mass., 151 Washington Street, Chicago, Ill., or Congregational
Rooms, Y.M.C.A. Building, Cleveland, Ohio. A payment of thirty dollars
constitutes a Life Member.

NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS.--The date on the "address label," indicates the
time to which the subscription is paid. Changes are made in date on
label to the 10th of each month. If payment of subscription be made
afterward, the change on the label will appear a month later. Please
send early notice of change in post-office address, giving the former
address and the new address, in order that our periodicals and
occasional papers may be correctly mailed.


"I bequeath to my executor (or executors) the sum of ---- dollars, in
trust, to pay the same in ---- days after my decease to the person who,
when the same is payable shall act as Treasurer of the 'American
Missionary Association,' of New York City, to be applied, under the
direction of the Executive Committee of the Association, to its
charitable uses and purposes." The Will should be attested by three

* * * * *

VOL. XLV. FEBRUARY, 1891. No. 2.
American Missionary Association.


We present herewith our usual February list of missionaries, in church
and school, through the field of the Association. In this list many
thousands of our readers will recognize familiar names, some through
personal associations and others through their long-time acquaintance
with the work of the Association. It is no unimportant feature of the
great principle of co-operation on which our work is founded that we can
reckon upon a large force of long-tried and experienced workers in the
field. The Association has a wealth of wisdom in planning and carrying
on its work, by its ability to call into requisition the knowledge and
efforts of those who have spent many years in the South, and are
intimately acquainted with the needs, difficulties and advantages of the
work. Many individualistic schemes have failed at this point; but the
Association has developed a force that can be relied upon for the
intelligent investigation of new openings, the prudent planning of work
and its wise and steady support and development. At the same time,
associated with our older workers, we have the younger missionaries and
teachers with their fresh enthusiasm and fervent zeal, giving new
impulse of activity all along the line. This long list of names
represents years of self-denying attention and steady effort; it speaks
of large progress in the past and is the presage of still greater
progress in the future, for the list grows year by year. Our resources
and forces were never before so large as during the past year, and we
are encouraged to hope that they will be increased during the year to

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