Boy Blue and His Friends by Etta Austin Blaisdell and Mary Frances Blaisdell


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Page 2

Of course, Boy Blue likes the cows and sheep best.

He likes to drive the cows to the pasture in the morning.

Sometimes, at night, he drives them home again.

He likes to watch his father milk the cows and feed them.

"When I am a big boy," he says, "I shall milk my own cow every day."

Sometimes he goes with the boy to watch the sheep.

Shep, the dog, always goes with them. He watches the sheep all day

They like to get into the meadow where the grass is green and sweet.

But Shep drives them out every time.

Boy Blue and Shep play together in the fields. They run and jump and
chase each other.

Boy Blue hides, and Shep finds him. "Bow-wow!" Shep says. "Here you
are! Now for a frolic."

And off they go again.

Boy Blue likes to feed the chickens.

He likes to drive the ducks down to the brook and watch them swim about
in the water.

Sometimes he helps his mother take care of Little Sister.

Then she calls him her "Little Helper."

"No," he says, "I am your Big Boy Blue."


One morning Boy Blue had tears in his big blue eyes.

He could not find his Snowball.

You will laugh when I tell you who Snowball was.

She was not hard and cold.

She was soft and warm.

Snowball was a pretty, white hen.

She was Boy Blue's very own, and she would follow him all over the

She would eat grain from his hand, and let him smooth her white

But now Boy Blue could not find her.

He had looked in the hen-house and all over the yard.

"Have you looked in the barn?" asked his mother.

"Oh, no!" said Boy Blue, "and I saw her coming out of the barn

"So did I," said his mother. "I think you will find her in the hay."

Boy Blue climbed up on the hay.

There in a corner he found his Snowball.

When she saw her little friend, she began to scold.

"Why, Snowball, what are you doing here?" said Boy Blue.

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