"I was there" by C. LeRoy Baldridge

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Page 1

Ours the Great Adventure,
Yours the pain to bear,
Ours the golden service stripes,
Yours the marks of care.

If all the Great Adventure
The old Earth ever knew,
Was ours and in this little book
'Twould still belong to you!


These Sketches were made during a year's service as a camion driver with
the French amry in the Chemin-des-Dames sector and a year's service with
the A.E.F. as an infantry private on special duty with "The Stars and
Stripes," the official A.E.F. newspaper. Most of them were drawn at odd
minutes during the French push of 1917 near Fort Malmaison, at loading
parks and along the roadside while on truck convoy, and while on special
permission to draw and paint with the French army given me by the Grand

were drawn on American fronts from the Argonne to Belgium as my duties
took me from one offensive to another.

It has been a keen regret to me that my artistic skill has been so
unequal to these opportunites. The sketches do not sufficiently show
war for the stupid horror I know it to be.

I hope, however, they may serve as a record of doughboy types, of the
people he lived with in France, with whom he suffered and by whose side
he fought.

Many appeared first in "The Stars and Stripes," "Leslie's Weekly", and
"Scribner's Magazine", through the courtesy of whose editors I am now
enabled to reprint them.

C. LeRoy Baldridge
Private, Am.E.F.
June 1919


[Illustration: Sunny France]

[Illustration: Warming up the "corned willy" over "corned heat" (solidified alcohol)]

[Illustration: Rain overhead and mud underfoot / Baldridge Near Montfaucon]

[Illustration: The Yank]

[Illustration: Fighting Trim]

[Illustration: Seicheprey, America's old home sector. April '19]

Seicheprey, America's old home sector--first trenches entirely under
their own command.

Form a line!
Get in line!
From the time that I enlisted
And since Jerry armististed
I've been standing, kidding, cussing,
I've been waiting, fuming, fussing,
In a line.

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