The Tales of Hoffmann by Jacques Offenbach


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A return to the scene of the first act. Hoffmann has told his stories.
His companions leave him. The Muse appears and tells him that she is the
only mistress to follow, the only one who will remain true to him. His
spirit flickers a moment with gratitude. Then his head sinks on the
table, and he sleeps.

The Tales of Hoffmann


(The Tavern of Martin Luther. The interior of a German inn. Tables and

CHORUS of Students.

Drig, drig, drig, master Luther,
Spark of hades,
Drig, drig, drig, for us more beer,
For us thy wine,
Until morning,
Fill my glass,
Until morning,
Fill our pewter Mugs!


Luther is a brave man,
Tire, lan, laire,
T'is to-morrow that we brain him,
Tire, lan, la!


Tire, lon, la!

LUTHER (going from table to table).

Here, gentlemen, here.


His cellar is a goodly spot,
Tire lon, laire,
'Tis tomorrow we devast it,
Tire lon la!


Tire lon la!

(Knocking of glasses.)


Here, gentlemen, here.


His wife is a daughter of Eve,
Tire lan laire,
'Tis to-morrow we abduct her,
Tire lon la.

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