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Why Written
The Man Who Needed 452,696 Barrels of Water
The Sun's Great Horses
Old Sun Help
Moon Help
More Moon Help
Star Help
Help from Insensible Seas
The Fairy Gravitation
More Gravitation
The Fairy Pulls Great Loads
The Fairy Draws Greater Loads
The Fairy Works a Pump Handle
The Help of Inertia
One Plant Help
Gas Help
Natural Affection of Metals
Natural Affection Between Metal and Liquid
Natural Affection of Metal and Gas
Hint Help
Creations Now in Progress
Some Curious Behaviors of Atoms
Mobility of Seeming Solids
The Next World to Conquer
Our Enjoyment of Nature's Forces
The Matterhorn
The Grand Canon of the Colorado River.
The Yellowstone Park Geysers
Sea Sculpture
The Power of Vegetable Life
Spiritual Dynamics
When This World is Not


Old Faithful Geyser . . . . Frontispiece
Breaking Waves
Incline at Mauch Chunk
The Head of the Toboggan Slide.
The Big Trees
The Matterhorn
The Punch Bowl, Yellowstone Geysers.
Formation of the Grotto Geyser
Bee-Hive Geyser
Pulpit Terrace and Bunsen Peak
"The Breakers," Santa Cruz, Cal.
The Work and the Worker, Santa Cruz, Cal.
Yellow Chili Squash in Harness
Squash Grown Under Pressure
A Natural Bridge, Santa Cruz, Cal.
An Excavated Arch, Santa Cruz, Cal
A Double Natural Arch, Santa Cruz, Cal.
A Triple Natural Arch, Santa Cruz, Cal.
Remains of a Quadruple Natural Arch
Arch Remains, Side Wall Broken



Fairies, fays, genii, sprites, etc., were once supposed to be helpful
to some favored men. The stories about these imaginary beings have
always had a fascinating interest. The most famous of these stories
were told at Bagdad in the eleventh century, and were called _The
Arabian Nights' Entertainment_. Then men were said to use all sorts of
obedient powers, sorceries, tricks, and genii to aid them in getting
wealth, fame, and beautiful brides.

But I find the realities of to-day far greater, more useful and
interesting, than the imaginations of the past. The powers at work
about us are far more kindly and powerful than the Slave of the Ring or
of the Lamp.

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