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A Manual for the Study of the Bible by Periods


Professor of Biblical Literature

Baylor University Press
Waco, Texas


Author's Preface.

The author believes that the Bible is the word of God and that it is
the inspired revelation of God's will to men and of the plan which he
has provided for their redemption. He believes that it contains
instructions which alone furnish the basis of wise and worthy conduct
both for individuals and for nations. He, therefore, believes that all
men should avail themselves of every possible opportunity to acquaint
themselves with its teachings and that all Christians should be
faithful and even aggressive in their efforts to teach its truths.

Moreover, several years of teaching the Bible to a multitude of
students has convinced the writer that what is needed most is a study
of the Bible itself rather than things about it. Having this in mind
this little volume presents only a small amount of introductory
discussion. It offers instead a large number of topics for study and
discussion. By following the suggestions for study which they offer
the student may gain a working knowledge of the contents of Biblical

It is suggested that these outlines will furnish a basis of work for
college and academy Bible classes. It is also hoped that it may be
adopted for study in many Sunday School classes. If it shall be
studied in the Sunday Schools according to instructions which the
author will furnish, it will be granted college entrance credit in
Baylor University. Women's societies will find it well suited to their
Bible study work.

The aim has been to make a companion book to the author's "The Bible
Book by Book." The twenty one periods selected are only one of the
many ways in which Bible history may be divided and lays no claim to
superiority. If this volume shall prove as helpful as the sale of its
companion book would indicate that it has been, the work incident to
its preparation will be amply repaid.

J. B. Tidwell.

Waco, Texas. 1916.

* * * * *


Chapter I.

From the Creation to the Fall.

Problems solved. Creation of man. Man's hope and occupation. The
temptation. The fall and punishment. The hope offered. Teachings of
the story. Topics for discussion.

Chapter II.

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