Scientific American Supplement, No. 794, March 21, 1891 by Various


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IV. ELECTRICITY.--Electrical Laboratory for Amateurs.--By GEO.
M. HOPKINS.--A simple collection of apparatus for conducting a
complete series of electrical experiments.--17 illustrations.

The Action of the Silent Discharge on Chlorine.--How an electric
discharge affects chlorine gas.--An important negative result.

V. ETHNOLOGY.--Some Winnebago Arts.--An interesting article
upon the arts of the Winnebago Indians.--A recent paper before
the New York Academy of Sciences.

VI. MEDICINE AND HYGIENE.--The Philosophy of Consumption.
--By Dr. J.S. CHRISTISON.--A review of the present theories of
consumption, and the role played in it by its bacillus.

VII. MUSIC.--Spacing the Frets on a Banjo Neck.--By Prof. C.W.
MACCORD.--A most practical treatment of this subject, with full
explanations.--1 illustration.

VIII. ORDNANCE.--High Explosives in Warfare.--By Commander
F.M. BARBER, U.S.N.--An elaborate review of modern explosives
in their applicability to ordnance, etc.

The Experiments at the Annapolis Proving Grounds.--The recent
tests at Annapolis described and illustrated.--Views of the
projectiles, plates, etc.--3 illustrations.

of very extended use and application.--1 illustration.

X. TECHNOLOGY.--Fabric for Upholstery Purposes.--Full technical
description of the method of producing a new and characteristic
fabric.--1 illustration.

Gaseous Illuminants.--By Prof. VIVIAN B. LEWES.--Continuation
of this important article, treating of the water gas and special
processes, with analyses.

Glove Making.--Early history of glove making in America.--Its
present aspects and processes.

Reversible Ingrain or Pro-Brussels Carpet.--An imitation of
Brussels carpet on the Ingrain principle.--Full description of the
process of making.--3 illustrations.

The Manufacture and Use of Plaster of Paris.--An excellent
treatment of a subject hitherto little written about.--Full
particulars of the manufacturing process.

* * * * *


We show in Fig. 1 a general view, and in Figs. 2 and 3 a side
elevation and plan of an overhead steam traveling crane, which has
been constructed by Mr. Thomas Smith, of Rodley, near Leeds, for use
in a steel works, to lift, lower, and travel with loads up to 15 tons.
For our engravings and description we are indebted to _Industries._
The crane is designed for hoisting and lowering while traveling
transversely or longitudinally, and all the movements are readily
controlled from the cage, which is placed at one end of and underneath
the transverse beams, and from which the load can be readily seen. All
the gear wheels are of steel and have double helical teeth; the shafts
are also of steel, and the principal bearings are adjustable and
bushed with hard gun metal. This crane has a separate pair of engines
for each motion, which are supplied with steam by the multitubular
boiler placed in the cage as shown. The hoisting motions consist of
double purchase gearing, with grooved drum, treble best iron chain
with block and hook, driven by one pair of 8 in. by 12 in. engines.
The transverse traveling motion consists of gearing, chain, and
carriage on four tram wheels, with grooved chain pulleys, driven by
the second pair of 6 in. by 10 in. engines, and the longitudinal
traveling motion driven by the other pair of 8 in. by 12 in. engines.
The transverse beams are wrought iron riveted box girders, firmly
secured to the end carriages, which are mounted on four double flanged
steel-tired wheels, set to suit a 38 foot span.

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