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Page 2

Short Sounds.

Sound as is
----- -----
a am
e elm
i in
o odd
u up
oo look


oi,oy,as in oil, boy ou,ow, as in out, owl

Sound as is
----- -----
b bib
d did
g gig
j jug
n nine
m maim
ng hang
l lull

v valve
th this
z zinc
zh azure
r rare
w we
y yet

Sound as is
----- -----
f fife
h him
k cake
p pipe
s same

t tart
sh she
ch chat
th thick
wh why

NOTE.--The foregoing forty-four sounds are those most employed in the
English language. Some of these sounds are represented by other letters,
as shown in the following table. For further instruction concerning the
sounds, see Lessons 36-57.

Sound for as in
----- --- -----
a o what
e a there
e a feint
i e police
i e sir
o u son
o oo to
o oo wolf
o a fork
o e work
u oo full
u e burn
u oo rude
y i fly

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