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The accompanying specimens of foreign English you may perhaps consider
worth a corner among the minor curiosities of literature:--


"Bains ordinaires et artificiels, tenu par B. Sigemund, Dr. in
medicine, Basle. In this new erected establishment, which the Owner
recommends best to all foreigners are to have,--Ordinary and artful
baths, russia and sulphury bagnios, pumpings, artful mineral waters,
gauze lemonads, fournished apartments for patients."

_Cologne._ Title-page in lithograph.

"_Remembrance on the Cathedral of Cologne._--A collection of his most
remarkable monumens, so as of the most artful ornamous and precious
hilts of his renaconed tresory. Draconed and lithographed by Gerhardt
Levy Elkan and Hallersch, collected by Gerhd. Emans."

_Augsburg_, Drei Mohren Hotel. Entry in travellers' book.

"January 28. 1815.--His Grace Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, &c.
&c. &c. Great honour arrived at the beginning of this year to the three
Moors: this illustrious warrior, whose glorious atchievements, which,
cradled in Asia, have filled Europe with his renown, descended in it."

_Mount Etna._ Printed notice found attached to the wall of one of the rooms
in the Casa degl' Inglesi, Mount Etna, October, 1844:

"In consequence of the damage suffered in the house called English set
on the Etna for the reprehensible conduct of some persons there
recovered, the following provisional regulations are prescribed,
authorized, and granted to M. Gemmellaro[1], who has the key of the
mentioned house for his labour, honour, and money spent to finish such
edifice, besides his kind reception for travellers curious to visit the

I. Any person desirous to get the key of the house is requested to
apply to M.G., and in case of his absence, to ... signing his name,
title, and country, in the same time tell the guide's and muleteer's
name, just to drive away those have been so rough to spoil the
moveables and destroy the stables ... are the men to be particularly

II. Nobody is admitted without a certificate of M.G., which will assure
to have received his name, &c. &c., except those are known by the
fore-going strangers.

III. According to the afore-mentioned articles, nobody will take the
liberty to go in the house and force the lock of the door: he will
really suffer the most severe punishment fixed against violence.

IV. Is not permitted to any body to put mules in the rooms destined for
the use of people, notwithstanding the insufficiency of stables. It is
forbidden likewise to dirtes the walls with pencil or coal. M.G. will
procure a blank book for those learned people curious to write their
observations. A particular care must be taken for the moveables settled
in the house.

V. The house must be left clean and without fire, to avoid
conflagration; it is forbidden to leave rooms or windows opened, as the
house has been lately damaged by the winds, snow, sand, &c. &c.; the
aforementioned A.D., M.N. are imputed of negligence and malice: persons
neglecting to execute the above article will be severely punished, and
are obliged to pay damages and expences.

VI. As soon as the traveller returns at Nicolosi, either to S. Nicolo
l'Arena, will immediately deliver the key to M.G., as it commonly
happens that foreigners are waiting for it. A certificate must be
likewise delivered, declaring that the afore-mentioned regulations have
been exactly executed. It is likewise proper and just to reward M. Gem.
for the expense of moveables, money, &c, &c., and for the advantage
travellers may get to examine the Volcan, for better than Empedocli,
Amodei, Fazelli, Brydon, Spallanzani, and great many others. M. Gemm.
has lately been authorized to deny the key whenever is unkindly
requested. He is also absolutely obliged to inform the gen. of the
army, who is determined to punish with rigour their insolence."

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