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Contempt arising from arrogance; insolence.

Study of the universe, including geography and astronomy.

Diego Columbus
Son of Columbus and Donna Felipa

Don Diego Columbus
Brother of Columbus

Donna Felipa Munnis Perestrelo
Wife of Christopher Columbus. Daughter of the first governor of Porto
Santo. Only issue was Diego.

Dragon's blood
Thick red liquid from a palm (Daemonorops draco) in tropical Asia;
formerly used in varnishes and lacquers.

A grant entitling Spaniards to land plus the Native American inhabitants
of that land. The land and its inhabitants.

Fernando Columbus
Son of Christopher Columbus and Beatrice.

Located in Europe on the North Sea between the Scheldt and Weser rivers.
Now a province of the northern Netherlands.

Light, swift galley.

Shackle for the leg.

Las Casas
Bartlome de las Casas is the chief source of information about the
islands after Columbus arrived. Other historians overlooked the Indian
slave trade, begun by Columbus; Las Casas denounced it as "among the
most unpardonable offenses ever committed against God and mankind."

Machiavelli: Nicolo Machiavelli (1469-1527)
Political philosopher, author of The Prince, that focuses on problems of
a monarch, the foundation of political authority and how to retain
power, rather than pursue ideals.

Spanish currency. One million Maravedis (one cuentos) in 1490 is
equivalent to about 308 English Pounds in 1860, or US$ 48,000 in 2005.

Martyr, Peter
Peter Martyr d'Anghera wrote early accounts of Columbus, Ojeda, Cortes,
and other Spanish explorers.
An Italian humanist from Florence.
Served as tutor in the Spanish court and had direct access to Columbus.
Author of "De Orbe Novo" describing the first European contacts with
native Americans.


Province of southeast France bordering on the Mediterranean.

Pinzon, Martin Alonzo
Chief shipowner of Palos. Accompanied Columbus as a captain.

Paria, Gulf of
Between Trinidad and Venezuela.

Spanish, from repartir, to divide.
Distribution of slaves or assessment of taxes.

River on the Iberian Peninsula flowing westward
through central Portugal into the Atlantic.

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