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About ten years since, I remember seeing, in the hands of a London
bookseller, a curious MS. purporting to be the "Household Book of
Receipts and Expences of Sir Edward Dering, Bart., of Surrenden Dering,
Kent, from Lady-Day, 1648, to April, 1652." It was a think folio, in the
original binding, entirely in the hand-writing of the distinguished

Sir Edward was the only son of Sir Edward Dering, the first baronet, by
his second wife, Anne, daughter of Sir John Ashburnham, of Ashburnham,
Sussex, Knt. He succeeded to the baronetcy upon the death of his father,
in 1644, and married Mary, daughter of Daniel Harvey, Esq., of Combe,
Surrey, who was brother of the famous Dr. Harvey, the discoverer of the
circulations of the blood.

The volume commences at Lady-day, 1648, with the gifts of his
grandmother Cramond, and his uncles Dr. Harvey and Eliab Harvey. Nov. 8.
1648, is a memorandum of receipts of "the full remainder of the three
thousand pounds he was to pay me on my marriage." The receipts close
March 25. 1652, with "a note of what money I have received for rent,
wood, &c.; in effect, what I have to live upon, for four years, 1413_l_.
8_s_." The expenses begin at the same period; and among the earliest is,
"given my wife, in gold, 100_l_." Under the date Aug. 4. 1648, we read,
"Item: paid Mr. Edward Gibbes, to the use, and by the appointment of my
sister Dorothy, it being her portion, 1200_l_." Dorothy was probably Sir
Edward's only sister, by the same mother, Sir Edward, the first
baronet's second wife. Her sun of life soon set; for Feb. 21. 1650, a
whole page is occupied with items of mourning "at the death of my deare
and only sister, the Lady Darell."

Independently of the frequent notices of relatives, almost serving as a
family history, there are entries of high interest to the general
historian and the antiquary. The costs of every article of use and
virtue are set down in full, and a few of the items (which I find in my
Common-place Book) will serve as a specimen of the general contents:--

"1648. July 31. It. for seeing two plaies with my
wife, &c., coach hire, &c., 1_l_. 6_s_.
-- Sept. 2. It. paid the upholsterer for a
counterpayne to the yellow
petuana bed 3_l_. 10_s_.
-- Sept. 7. Paid Mr. Winne, for a tippet of
sables for my wife 14_l_.
-- Nov. 23. For a copy of Marg. Dering's
office 9_s_.
-- Dec. 23. It. paid Mr. Le Neve, in part for
my wife's picture 3_l_.
-- Mar. 8. It. a velvet saddle furniture for
my wife, 13_l_. It. black sattin,
for a gown for her, 7_l_. It. two
diamond rings 13_l_.

"1649. April 16. It. given seeing Rechampton-House 6_s_.
-- April 28. It. paid Mr. Le Neve, the remainder
due for my wife's picture,
3_l_. 4s. It. paid him for a
picture of the king. 2_l_. It. paid
him for a new frame to my
grandmother's -- 6_s_.
"1649. May 9. Item, given at John Tradeskin's
[Tradescant] -- 2_s_. 6_d_.
--- June 1. Paid Mr. Lawes, a month's
teaching of my wife -- 1_l_. 10_s_.
--- Sept 1. It. spent at Tunbridge Welles, in
19 dayes stay -- 26_l_, 8_s_.
"1650. April 8. It. paid Mr. Lilly [Sir Peter] for
my wife's picture -- 5_l_.
"1651. April 21. It. paid Mr. Lelie for my picture,
5_l_. It. paid him for my wife's
picture, being larger, 10_l_. It.
given Mr. Lelie's man, 5_s_.
--- April 23. It. paid Frank Rower for a frame
for my wife's picture 4_l_.
--- Aug. 7. Spent in Spring Gardens, and
coach hire thither -- 17_s_.
--- Sept. 3. Baubles at Bartholomew fayre, 4_s_.
--- Oct. 3. It. given the Scots prisoners, 8_s_.
--- Nov. 13. It. paid for bringing a great cake
from Richborow -- 3_s_.
--- March 9. Twelve paire of gloves given my
Valentine, the Lady Palmer
1_l_. 12_s_.
--- March 22. It. paid Mr. Lilly for Mrs.
Montague's picture, the larger size

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